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Dear Matt

I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to present to a strategy to you. Kindly find below proposal and links to quotes. Should you require any examples of work or references, please let me know. Thank you



Build momentum through a great website. A website is a central point for brands to share the love with their customers, make a great impression, build credibility and reach a wider audience.

Build In Phases

I'm excited to share a budget-friendly strategy for your website. Our phased approach understands that enduring brands evolve over time, allowing for precision and adaptability. This method ensures quality while minimizing upfront costs. It empowers us to grow your online presence authentically.

Phase 1: Single Page Website

Page sections:
- Home
- About Us
- Services (Branding Services)
- Products (Basic Product Categories)
- Contact us

Price: 3,495.00 (once-off)

Additional Phases:

• Phase 2: Expand to Full Pages
• Phase 3: Ecommerce
• Other potential pages: Blog, FAQ, Google Ads

Website Foundations

Google applications like Business Listing and Analytics are vital for a robust online presence. Setting them up initially ensures your business is easily discoverable and provides crucial insights into user behavior. This early investment empowers data-driven decision-making from the start, laying a solid foundation for online success.

Price: R1990 (Once-off)


Social Media Foundations

Social Media Foundation
- Content Calendar:

A content calendar is a cornerstone of Majaro Branding's online strategy, encompassing content planning, media types, hashtag analysis, and special day recognition. This tool ensures a consistent and impactful brand presence in all communications. Additionally, it includes complimentary social media templates and visual guide!

Price: R995 (once-off)

Meta Business Account

Setting up the Meta Business Account at the outset is pivotal for your brand's online presence. This account manages the Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and Advertising Account, ensuring smooth coordination across platforms. Its integration with your website enhances analytics, offering valuable insights for strategic refinement. By initiating this setup early, you establish a strong foundation for maximum digital impact. It's a crucial step in optimizing your brand's online performance.

Price: R1995 (once-off)


Social Media Monthly

Social Media Package:

We focus on the most important aspects of your business, and design informative and creative posts around this to engage with your audience through different media types (ie branded visuals, infographics, motion graphics, trivia etc). Custom build your monthly package as to how many posts you would like.

Price: R1,896 (Monthly - based on 4 posts)

OR Select your number of posts at R395 per post (Package rate)

Boosted Posts

Allocating a portion of your monthly budget to social media advertising is crucial today. Unlike before, platforms no longer prioritise organic business reach. However, with even a small budget and precise targeting, you can achieve significant reach and engagement. This investment ensures your brand remains visible in the competitive online space, effectively engaging your target audience and driving meaningful results for your business.

Price: R995 (Monthly - based on top performing post)

Additional phases:

• Develop social media stores
• Posts 12 - 20 per month
• Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Boosted posts differ from social media advertising campaigns which require larger budgets, longer learning phases and a funneled approach for conversions. This strategy can be integrated in a subsequent phase.

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